Admissions Timeline

Independent Schools For Nursery, Pre-K and Kindergarten

  • To begin your search for Preschools, get the Parents League Guide to Preschools. The publication is available to Parents League members.
  • ISAAGNY Directory. To begin to think about possible schools, look through the ISAAGNY New York Independent Schools Directory. ISAAGNY is the Independent School Admissions Association of Greater New York.  Their directory is available for purchase through the Parents League.
  • Join the Parents League. Meet with a Parents League Advisor or, for nursery, sign up for an admissions workshop to discuss the admissions process and develop a list of schools. Call 212-737-7385 to make an appointment. Review our listing of 300 member schools.  Members have access to detailed information about each school.
  • Parents League Admission Forums. Attend Parents League Admission forums in order to hear directly from a panel of representative Admission Directors. These forums are conducted by the Parents League in the fall and spring. Notices are circulated to Parents League members.
  • Contact the Schools. Call the schools that interest you to determine if they are having Open Houses. These are typically group tours given at the schools in the spring. Also, ask when you can call for an application. At each school check that your child meets the birthday cut-off.  For Kindergarten applicants only.
  • Your nursery school director. If your child is in a nursery or pre-K program, the director of your school will be very helpful with the entire process of applying to on-going schools.
  • Testing. Consider having your child take the test administered by the ERB in the spring, rather than waiting until the fall. Check with your nursery school for advice.
  • Early Steps. Early Steps is an organization that advises and assists families with children of color on the admissions process for Kindergarten and Grade 1. Call in June of the year that your child turns four. (212-288-9684)


Preschool Admissions workshops are still held throughout the summer. Additionally, if you need a place for your child for this fall and you are a member of the Parents League, leave a voicemail message at 212-737-7385 and an advisor will call you back.


  • Obtain applications. See Spring above.
  • Submit applications. Return applications as early as possible to schools in which you are interested. Many schools will not schedule your tour or interview until they have your application.
  • School visits. Make an appointment to visit each school. Often there is a tour for parents and a separate visit for the child.
  • Join the Parents League.  Join or renew your membership. Parents League School Advisors are available to discuss the admissions process and help you develop a balanced list of schools.  Appointments are required.
  • Siblings/legacy. If your child is a sibling or legacy at a school and you wish to be included in their optional early legacy notification program, let that school know as early as possible. If you elect to be included in this program and the school accepts you, you are obliged to attend that school and withdraw your applications at all other schools. Recommendation forms. Submit all forms for those schools that request them.    
  • Financial aid. If you are applying for financial aid, do so early.  Advise the schools promptly and they will provide you with information on how to proceed.
  • Keep track. Check the deadlines and check that you have completed all the necessary actions required for each school: the application form; for K applicants, the test administered by the ERB; the tour of the school; your child’s visit; and reference forms, if requested. Remember the procedures differ at each school. Typically, files must be completed no later than January 31. For K applicants.
  • Testing. Register early to take the test administered by the ERB, either at the ERB office or at your child’s nursery school.
  • Our Independent School Fairs are held in September (Middle, Upper & Boarding) and April (Kindergarten) and are sponsored by the Parents League. At this fairs, you can pick up admissions materials from over 100 different on-going schools and speak briefly with admissions representatives. Consider attending the Admissions forum held the same night.

December/January/early February

  • Sibling/legacy acceptances. If your child is a sibling or legacy and you have opted for the early notification program and have received an offer, you should respond to your school immediately and notify the other schools to which you have applied that you are withdrawing your application. Early sibling/legacy notifications are mailed within a specified time frame, but no earlier than the middle of December.     
  • Withdrawals. If you have applied to a school and your plans have changed so that you are no longer considering that school, call to withdraw your application.


  • Accepting an offer. ISAAGNY schools mail their letters of notification on specific dates and parents are required to reply by specific dates. See the  ISAAGNY Information for Parents handout for a listing of those dates. You should respond as quickly as possible to any offers you receive from schools.
  • Notifying other schools. Once you have accepted an offer at one school, you should  immediately call any other schools that have made you an offer or that have included you on their wait list so that places may be offered to others.
  • The wait list. If the school you wish your child to attend has placed your child on their wait list, call them to let them know that you remain seriously interested.
  • Follow-up visits.  Consider if you would like to ask to visit for a second time any school that has offered your child a place.  Keep in mind the reply date.
  • Contract/deposit.  When you accept an offer, sign your contract and send in your deposit.

Guidelines vary for Public Schools depending on your needs and school district. For information, check the following websites:
You can also contact Judy Baum, of Inside Schools:  212-229-1571
Call the Archdiocese to request a list of schools in your neighborhood.
Manhattan: 212-864-5555
Brooklyn & Queens: 718-965-7300
Bronx: 718-829-6118
Staten Island: 718-667-5350
Westchester: 914-946-7419