Educational Records Bureau (ERB)

The Educational Records Bureau (ERB) provides admissions testing for independent schools in the New York City area.

Pre-K - Grade 5
The Early Childhood Admissions Assessment (ECAA) is a uniform testing program that eliminates testing at each school to which a child may be applying and provides score reports to all schools selected.

Grades 5 - 12
The Independent School Entrance Examination (ISEE) is a three-hour admission test for entrance into grades five through twelve.

220 East 42nd Street, Suite 100
New York, NY, 10017    

Educational Testing Service


Secondary School Admissions Test (SSAT)

Provides admissions testing for independent country day and boarding schools

The Parents League follows the ISAAGNY guidelines with respect to preparing for the ERB test:

Children applying to pre-K through 5th grade should be “prepared” for ERB testing by being well- rested and arriving for the testing process on time. This is an aptitude test, assessing problem solving ability and skills considered representative of the child’s fund of knowledge and abilities acquired through ordinary interaction with the environment. Tutors who coach children to perform well on these tests not only destroy the value of the test as a measure of the child’s ability, they engender in the child a sense of inadequacy.  A perceptive examiner can discern a child’s exposure to the test.  This invalidates the results and can prejudice the school against the child’s application. ISAAGNY strongly advises  parents not to subject their children to this unnecessary and potentially damaging process. Students taking the ISEE for admission to grades 6-12 may benefit from preparation. This is an achievement test with the goal of assessing the skill level of a student in order to ensure appropriate placement in the next school. ERB offers sample tests with registration materials that can be found at ERB’s website www.erbtest.org.