by Lydia Spinelli, Director, The Brick Church School

Although young children may not remember or understand everything they learn about children who live far away, exposure to them may create the disposition to be a global citizen and a feeling of responsibility to help those who have so much less than they do.

by MARJORIE GOLDSMITH, Former Director, All Souls School

We are fortunate to have many different kinds of early childhood schools in New York City. But when investigating these schools in order to choose one for your child, you may find the many educational approaches and philosophies that describe them a bit dizzying.

by HOPE NIMAN PROSKY, Former Director, Grace Church School

As they progress through the nursery school years, children explore the world by learning in a multi-sensory, experiential way. The process is open-ended and flexible. Young minds stretch to embrace exciting, age-appropriate curriculum. The older children learn what fair play brings to friendship. They develop a positive sense of self and a sense of their unique roles in what I call “the little democracy of the classroom.”


Do power struggles define the relationship between you and your child? How can adults teach children to gain self-control, respect the rights of others, accept responsibility for their own behavior, and learn from their mistakes? This video explores discipline from a developmental perspective and focus on teaching and learning — rather than on punishing.

by GINA MALIN, Executive Director, Parents League of New York

One of the best parts of my job as director of the Parents League Advisory Services is the opportunity to visit schools. Annually, I visit over 30 independent or private schools, from preschool to high school, and occasionally a boarding school. There is nothing like seeing a school in action. And nothing brings me more joy than visiting a preschool. I am often asked, “What should I look for in a preschool?” My answer is simple: Joy. Of course, this simple answer may not seem an adequate response to what can feel like a complex question.