Moving to NYC: How to Find a School for Your Child

Whether you are relocating for the first time or returning to New York City, you may want help navigating the school admissions process as you make the best choice for your family.

Parents League of New York is here to guide you through NYC’s unique school landscape. Whether it’s preschool, kindergarten, middle school, high school, or in between, our advisors are here to help. Our relationship with over 200 member schools in New York means we can assist you in finding a school that meets your child’s educational needs and interests.

With Parents League school advisors, all of whom are trained educators, you won’t navigate the process alone. No matter what time of year you move, we can help smooth the transition for you and your family. If you’ve missed the traditional admissions window, we can help. We are in ongoing communication with our member schools throughout the year to find out which still have openings and will accept applications, so we can share timely and relevant options with you.

“We were moving to New York from across the globe and had three children to place in schools after the formal application process had closed. I started to panic! I made a call to the Parents League learning that because so many schools were members that they notified the Parents League where and when there were vacancies – and that we would still have options available to us.” – Deb Wheeler

Moving to NYC and the school admission process should be a good experience. Here are a few ways in which we can assist you:

  • Narrowing down options to only those that are best for your child/children
  • Help you understand all elements of the admissions process
  • Walk you through the interview process for you and your child
  • Educate you about necessary testing requirements where those exist
  • Assist with any questions along the way

Contact the Parents League of New York and become a member as soon as you know about your move. Once you have joined, we will connect you with one of our school advisors, who are experts at helping parents select the right school for their child. Parents League of New York is the go-to resource in New York City for making your move and school selection process seamless.