Advisory Services

One of the most valuable aspects of membership is the opportunity to consult with Parents League School Advisors about admissions to independent and private schools. Advisory consultations are included with membership.

Who are Parents League School Advisors?

Parents League School Advisors have over 200 years of combined experience as administrators, admission directors, teachers and board members at schools including The Allen-Stevenson School, Bank Street School for Children, The Brearley School, The Buckley School, Central Synagogue May Family Nursery School, Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School, The Episcopal School, Grace Church School, Hackley School, The International Preschools, The School at Columbia University, and Trevor Day School. 

We have a unique and close working relationship with over 300 independent day and boarding schools, enabling us to provide families with information about schools and admissions practices and trends. See individual bios here.

How do I set up an appointment?

First, become a Parents League member online. After completing the registration, you will receive a welcome email with your log-in information to your online account, where you can update your personal information and details about your family at any point in time.

Once you have set up your online account, request an appointment or email [email protected] to set up a call with a School Advisor.

You can also sign up online for the many free events we provide our members throughout the year.

Is membership based on the school year or calendar year?

Your membership is based on a 12-month period from the date you become a member. As an added benefit, you will be offered the opportunity to renew your membership at a discounted "ongoing member" rate when your current membership expires.

Most admissions processes begin in early September and culminate in placement the following spring, but you may want to start your research in the spring or summer preceding your admissions season, and so April and May are great months to join, especially if this is your first time starting this process.

We have several children in our family. Will advisory services be available for all of them?

Yes, our advisory services are available to assist with placement of any student in your immediate family with your Family Membership, at no extra cost.

Does Parents League help with middle school and high school students?

Yes, and our Advisors excel in this area. Even if your child has been at an ongoing school from kindergarten, it is always a good idea to investigate other options as students grow and mature. In addition, we advise many families who need mid-year placement—for instance, those who are relocating to New York City.

Do you work ONLY with New York City schools?

While the majority of our member schools are in New York City, we have over 30 country day school members in the surrounding area, and we have over 125 boarding school members throughout the United States and Canada. Our Advisors can certainly help families who are looking at options outside of the city.

Will I speak to the same Advisor each time?

Generally, you will work with the same Advisor throughout the admissions process, but any one of our Advisors are able to assist you on the rare occasion your Advisor is not available.

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If you are applying for financial aid at independent schools, click here to apply for a discounted membership.

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Parents League member schools are making it possible for you to learn about their schools virtually and in person. Find out about school open houses, info sessions, and more!

by Evie Gurney, Parents League School Advisor

We've all heard of boarding school, but what does it mean to consider sending your child to boarding school today?