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Over 350 independent and private schools hold membership with Parents League of New York. We partner with independent schools in New York City schools, country day schools in the surrounding region, and boarding schools throughout the US and abroad.

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School Directory

The Parents League is proud to be affiliated with over 300 independent schools including New York City Schools and Country Day and Boarding Schools throughout the US and abroad.

School Types 101

What are the different types of schools out there? Learn more here.

School Vacation Dates

The following are the recommended NYC school vacation dates for independent schools, provided by the Guild of Independent Schools.

School Fairs

PLNY holds free annual school fairs featuring boarding schools, middle & high schools, kindergarten, preschool and special education.

Notification Dates

Be sure to have these important application deadlines and notification dates on your calendar during the school admissions process. Many New York City private and independent schools follow these guidelines for notifying families of school acceptances and waitlists.

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