Tue, September 4, 2018

PL Stories: How I Found a Great NYC School for My Kids … from Australia

Several years ago, we got the news during the month of February that we were moving in August from Sydney to New York. We had three children to place in schools and I knew absolutely NOTHING. I spent time on the Internet finding that all the applications should have been placed in November. Everything was closed to me and I started to panic! I think I heard about the Parents League of New York from one of the schools that I desperately called and sent applications.

I quickly made the call and spoke directly with a Parents League advisor. I was told that the application process had formally ended but because almost all of the independent NYC schools were “members”—they notified the Parents League where and when there were vacancies—and that we would still have options available to us.

The advisor I spoke to asked me about my children. They are all very different both in personality and academic level. Parents League gave me amazing advice for each child.  I called back on a regular basis for updates (usually around 4am Sydney time) and they were so helpful.

I was given a list of schools I should approach for each child. We visited in April; we made appointments with the schools and to my relief each child found a school where they felt comfortable!

Years later, I am an active member and volunteer with the Parents League. I felt that the help I received across the globe was so supportive, knowledgeable and reasonably priced that I wanted to give back to such an amazing organization. Along with being a volunteer, I have attended many of the lectures about education and parenting which have also been so interesting as bringing up children in NYC is different from anywhere else!

—Deb Wheeler, Upper West Side

Let Parents League of New York help you and your child find the perfect fit. Become a member and schedule an appointment with a school advisor now.

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