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Nov 26

Thanksgiving: Office Closed

Thru: 11/28/2014
Dec 22

Holiday Break: Office Closed

Jan 19

Martin Luther King Jr. Day: Office Closed

Jan 26

Special Needs Group Discussion

Location: The Parents League Office, 115 East 82nd Street, First Floor, Between Park and Lexington Time: 12:00pm - 1:30pm
Feb 16

President's Days: Office Closed

Thru: 2/17/2015

Featured Article

  • Putting Private School Tuition in Perspective

    by Elizabeth A. Duffy, Head Master, The Lawrenceville School “The price of a private education is no longer the price of a Chevy; it’s now the price of an Audi.” That’s what one of the school’s former board chairs said to me a few years ago after he had been out shopping for cars. His comment made me realize that there are a variety of ways to put private school tuitions in perspective. The Cost Disease
    My board chair's remark reflects what most heads of school, trustees and private school parents know: the price of an education has risen faster than the rate of inflation. This phenomenon is known as the Baumol-Bowen effect or cost disease, which posits that the costs of labor intensive industries, such as education, increase faster than the costs of goods and services that can benefit from technological and other productivity innovations.

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  • Character Education

    Walter C. Johnson, Headmaster, Hackley School For as wood is the material dealt with by the carpenter, bronze by the statuary, so the subject matter of each man’s art of living is his own life. EPICTETUS Pat Bassett, the President of the National Association of Independent Schools, has presented research on educational goals for the 21st century school, and found a consensus among authorities surrounding six skills students will need to succeed and prosper. Click here to download the full article