Tue, September 25, 2018

PL Stories: Why I joined Parents League

When I first heard of the Parents League I didn’t think I’d need anything they had to offer. And then I began the school research process for my child and I quickly realized that they had done so much of the legwork already, I’d be foolish not to join. Between the guides and the amazingly responsive counselors, I felt very informed and was able to make the best decision for my daughter.

I thought that was it, but that’s when the PL became even more valuable. Their arsenal of articles on education and parenting are priceless and the seminars on parenting issues have really helped me through some tough moments. I’ve come to depend on the PL as a parenting resource that is consistently reliable.

The staff is so friendly and non-judgmental and is always at the ready to give feedback, answer questions and guide us far beyond those initial school choice moments.

— Gabriella Leff

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