by Gina Malin, Executive Director and Lisa Khakee, School Advisor

How do you know if your child is old enough for preschool? What programs and activities can you do before your child is old enough for preschool? Learn the answers to these questions from the school admissions experts at Parents League of New York.


Several years ago, we got the news during the month of February that we were moving in August from Sydney to New York. We had three children to place in schools and I knew absolutely NOTHING.

by LARRY DONOVAN, Head of Lower School, Poly Prep Country Day School

I started teaching in independent schools twenty years ago. Until that time, I had lived and worked in fairly homogeneous environments. When I became a second-grade teacher at The Chestnut Hill School, an independent school on the outskirts of Boston, I was suddenly immersed in a setting with children, families and teachers from all sorts of backgrounds. I had students who spoke other languages at home, who practiced diverse religions, and who had half-siblings or stepsiblings around my age.


Applying for kindergarten at NYC independent and private schools seems complicated, especially if you didn't grow up here. Or even if you did! This journey requires planning, patience, and persistence. Here are our top tips for navigating the process with a bit more ease and organization.

by Lydia Spinelli, Director, The Brick Church School

Although young children may not remember or understand everything they learn about children who live far away, exposure to them may create the disposition to be a global citizen and a feeling of responsibility to help those who have so much less than they do.