Tue, February 13, 2024

Tips for Parents During NYC Kindergarten Admissions Week

So you’ve checked the ISAAGNY notification dates and spent time refreshing your email as you waited to hear back from schools. It is Kindergarten admissions time in NYC private schools. Finally, you know your options! What should you do next?

1. Contact the school

If your choice is clear and your mind made up, call or email your chosen school letting them know you are accepting the spot.

2. Notify schools whose offer you will decline

Communicate with schools in a timely manner once you determine where your child will attend private or independent school in NYC. This helps admissions directors make decisions about whether they will offer places to waitlisted families. Remember, a kindergarten seat you have been offered and declined can go to another child and family.

3. Sign up for events

Still finalizing your decision? Sign up for accepted family events, if offered. This can help you make a decision as you consider your options.

4. Speak with other families

Want to know more before you choose? Speak with current families at the schools in which you are most interested. This can help you learn more about the school community.

5.  Read the contract

Carefully read the enrollment contract sent with your child’s offer of admission. Be aware of your responsibilities.

6. Pay attention to deadlines

Adhere to stated deadlines for returning a signed contract. Private school enrollment is a commitment.

7. Waitlisted? Stay in communication

If you are waitlisted, demonstrate interest by sending an email to the admissions office or replying in the manner designated by the school(s).

8.  Learn about other options

Don’t despair, Parents League will become aware of open Kindergarten seats after the reply date of February 15th.

9. Get advice from the experts

Contact the Parents League with questions. If you haven’t done so already, become a Parents League member to make your one-on-one appointment with an expert school advisor. We are here to help!

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