Tue, August 29, 2023

The Kindergarten Child Interview: Common Questions

Families often ask us how they can prepare for the interview process for kindergarten. You can take simple steps with your child to make the process easier for everyone! 

What can I do at home to prepare my child for the kindergarten interview at a private school?

1. Establish good routines in the morning and at bedtime.

2. Read to your child–it expands their language and promotes literacy.

3. Provide them with different experiences and expose them to new people.

4. Have conversations with your child–include a give and take.

5. Expect your child to be kind and well-mannered.

What types of activities will children be asked to do during the school visit?

Each school is different, but children are commonly asked to:

1. Write their name.

2. Draw a person or their family.

3. Do puzzles.

4. Make block designs.

5.Describe a picture sequence.

6. Listen to a short story and retell it.

7. Hold a pencil.

8. Follow directions.

9. Share (in group settings).

How should I talk to my child about the interview?

1. Call it a visit instead of an interview.

2. No need to tell a young child too far in advance! The day before, or the morning of the visit is fine.

3. Does the school do group or individual interviews? Find out, so you can set expectations for your child.

4. Talk about how preschool only goes up to a certain age. Just like you found a wonderful preschool, you are now looking for another wonderful school for kindergarten.

How can I support my child during the process?

1. Stay calm and smile! Children look to you for cues that schools are safe and friendly places.

2. If there are two parents, the calmer person might take the child to the interview.

Thanks for joining us! Remember, the kindergarten interview is not everything. There are many aspects that go into admissions decisions and this is one step in the process. Parents League is here to help you through each step. Join today and speak with an expert advisor.

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