Parents League is here with all the relevant information whether you are applying to preschool, kindergarten, middle school or high school. Below are some helpful resources so you can relax knowing you are prepared for the school admissions season.

What age to Start Preschool

A lot is dependent on what works for your family and child; some families need the childcare and like the idea of their child being in a preschool setting early on.

Surviving the Waitlist for NYC Independent Schools

Families can expect one of three outcomes as the admissions season for independent schools draws to a close: admit, deny or waitlist. While the first two are self-explanatory, people often ask what it means to be waitlisted. Waitlists are actively used by schools to enroll a full class while not over enrolling. 

Financial Aid for Private Schools in NYC

Though the cost of tuition may seem daunting, we advise families to keep an open mind when searching for a private or independent school. Here we address common concerns about school affordability and the financial aid application process.

Why Boarding School?

We’ve all heard of boarding school, but what does it mean to consider sending your child to boarding school today? Families often ask me about age, tuition, and boarding school life. The answers to these important questions may surprise you!

Special Education: Life after Early Intervention

Facing life after EI can feel overwhelming. But the more you know, the less scared you will be. Knowledge is power, and the antidote to anxiety is action.

10 Tips for Kindergarten Applications

Applying for kindergarten at NYC independent and private schools seems complicated, especially if you didn’t grow up here. Or even if you did! Here are our top tips for navigating the process with a bit more ease and organization.

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