Wed, October 16, 2019

Education Consultant vs. School Advisor: What’s the Difference?

Finding the right school for your child can be a daunting experience, and if you need help, support is available. Regardless of where you live in the country, you will likely find people to assist you. In addition to parent networks and a variety of other resources, experienced professionals are available and provide a range of services from a single consultation to full-time liaison. These professionals predominantly serve as educational advisors and school consultants.

What is an educational consultant?

Educational consultants are persons with a deep knowledge in a specific area and hired independently by families who seek the best educational option for their children. Consultant fees vary based on their level of support and can be more costly than an advisor. Some offer comprehensive “all-inclusive” packages while others bill by the hour. Educational consultants provide a specific service, usually focused on the academic goals of the family, and may offer to meet you at your home or office.

Before hiring a consultant, do your homework. Some may have limited experience, and little education or training. Some consultants rely on their experiences of placing their own children or assisting friend’s children with the admissions process. The best consultants have years of experience in education or in the admissions field, have worked with many families, and visited hundreds of schools. They have a comprehensive understanding of children and the admissions process.

What is an educational advisor?

Educational advisors are considered experts in their field and are hired to serve as mentors or guides. Parents League of New York provides one-on-one expert advice from trusted school advisors with experience including (but not limited to) Early Childhood Directors, Directors of High School Placement, Directors of Admissions, and private school faculty. We have been there on the ground, and on the front line. We don’t just give school advice; we give parenting advice. After all, we are the Parents League!

Parents League Advisors

For over 100 years, Parents League has helped generations of families seeking parenting resources and educational options for their children. Today, we work with several hundred independent day and boarding schools in the United States and Canada, enabling us to provide up-to-date information about programs and admissions procedures.

Our advisors visit schools on a regular basis, and therefore, can accurately guide parents through the admissions process:

  • We provide knowledgeable support and guidance either over the phone or in person. Our conversations often begin by creating a list of schools based on educational philosophy, academic profile, interests and talents.

  • We provide guidelines for school tours and child visits including how to prepare for an interview for both parent and child.

  • We help generate a list of important questions to ask and offer guidance on selecting a school. We discuss everything from when to start preschool, public vs. private, gender-specific vs coed, camp suggestions, and more. Families new to the area, particularly those relocating mid-year face unique challenges. Parents League advisor support is invaluable to new residents with our regularly updated list of openings at member schools.

As the public face of private education in New York, and the only nonprofit of its kind, we are the preeminent provider of advisory services for school admissions. Each year we help thousands of families as they apply to hundreds of schools across the country.

As part of an all-inclusive $275 annual membership, advisor support is just one of many member benefits including free registration to parenting programs and workshops, and exclusive publications including school directories, program guides, and other resources.

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