Mon, February 1, 2021

When should you send a letter of interest to preschools?

Many families are in the middle of what is now the final leg of the preschool admissions process and have questions about what to do before hearing from schools. Let’s answer common questions about the final stage of the process—letters of interest (also sometimes called love letters) and thank you notes.

What is a letter of interest?

A letter of interest is commonly written in January after you’ve visited and researched your schools and filed your applications. This letter is different from a simple thank you note. By January you have done your homework and your research, and have gotten to know the schools inside and out. You’ve had the chance to narrow your list to a handful of schools that truly resonate with you. You know where your child might thrive, so now is the time to write a “letter of interest.”

What do you say in a letter of interest to preschools?

You want the school to know you’ve done your homework and you’ve done your research. You want it to be specific to the school, maybe one or two very particular things that really have set them apart in your eyes. This year it was all remote admissions and it’s very hard for admissions directors to judge a family’s interest when it isn’t in person, so the letter is an especially important tool for them.

Do you recommend it to be sent via email, or do you recommend a handwritten letter?

This year is a little bit different. Many admissions officers are working remotely. It’s uncertain who is in the physical building at any given school, so email is better.

What if you’re applying to a preschool that may not have a director of admissions? To whom should I send the letter of interest?

Frequently the director of a preschool is the person also doing admissions. In that case, send the letter to the director of the preschool.

How long should a letter of interest be when applying to preschools?

Shorter is better than longer, so a paragraph is fine. The letter should be authentic and specific to the school.

Is it too late to send a letter of interest to a preschool now?

No, it’s really not. Most families applying to preschool won’t be hearing until the end of February so you certainly have a little bit more time.

Do you recommend sending a letter of interest to all the schools to which you applied?

Yes, showing interest matters. You have shown your interest through thank you notes and attending virtual events, so this is like a wrap-up letter to remind them of who you are.

Do you have more questions about NYC preschool admissions?

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