by Gina Malin, Executive Director, Parents League of New York and Ellen Birnbaum, Director of Early Childhood Programs, The 92nd Street Y

What can parents do at home to prepare for their child's visit to an independent school? How should they describe the visit to their child? What types of activities will children be doing during the kindergarten interview? Ellen Birnbaum, Director of Early Childhood Programs at the 92nd Street Y answers these questions and more.

by Matthew Stuart, Head of School, The Caedmon School

I asked myself if we aren’t creating a generation of children who will spend hours “watching” and maybe use an occasional swipe across a screen, with the result that they will lack the manual dexterity and the eye-to-hand coordination needed to perform even simple functions later on like tying their shoes and buttoning their coats.

by MICHAEL GARY Director of Admissions, Phillips Exeter Academy

“Why boarding school?” This is the question I have been answering for almost thirty years, first as a student and now as a seasoned admissions director. The answers to this question are just as varied as the kids who decide to attend.


When I first heard of the Parents League I didn’t think I’d need anything they had to offer. And then I began the school research process for my child and I quickly realized that they had done so much of the legwork already, I’d be foolish not to join. Between the guides and the amazingly responsive counselors, I felt very informed and was able to make the best decision for my daughter.  


Several years ago, we got the news during the month of February that we were moving in August from Sydney to New York. We had three children to place in schools and I knew absolutely NOTHING.