Mon, July 11, 2022

5 Tips for moving from public to private school

Looking for advice when applying to a private school from a public school? How should you start the application process for an independent middle school or high school in New York City? Our expert school advisors are here to help you through the process with these tips:

1. Tell your school administrators early

When applying out to another public school, the process is done through the public school data system, MySchools. To apply to a private school, they may need more time to supply the required paperwork. Don’t forget to thank them in advance for their help!

2. Ask for teacher recommendations

Private school applications require one Math and one English recommendation, which are sent in confidence directly to your list of schools. Some schools may ask for a third recommendation so check the requirements carefully. Again, let teachers know as soon as school starts but assure them that the recommendations are not due until December. Make sure they only fill out one form per student and save it so that it can be emailed or uploaded to any school.

3. Keep track of the admissions timelines for both private and public schools

If you are applying to both private and public schools, have a system to keep track of important deadlines. Look for key dates, which may include writing essays, filing for financial aid, scheduling a tour and interview, and testing. Notification dates for private schools are set in advance but public school results can vary year to year. You may not have all your results before you need to make a decision so you may need to prepare for a variety of outcomes.

4. Sign up for testing

The SSAT (Secondary School Admissions Test) or the ISEE (Independent School Entrance Exam) are usually required for private school admissions. Families can choose between the two tests but should focus on preparing for one or the other. Test results are sent to you so that you can preview them and then decide which test to submit. You should plan to have your child test at least twice.

5. Get private school admissions advice

We know it’s a challenge to transition from a public to a private school in New York City. Our school advisors will demystify this process and fill in the gaps between the two school systems. Make your appointment today to get the peace of mind that only comes with quality advice.

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